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Can Outdoor Inflatable Halloween Decorations Be In The Rain?

Can Outdoor Inflatable Halloween Decorations Be In The Rain?

Some festivals are concerned only with particular states or countries, while some are celebrated on a large scale globally. For example, Chinese New Year is celebrated mainly in China and other Chinese communities living in other countries. Similarly, you won't find other countries celebrating Mexican festivals other than Mexico and the Latin American countries. However, these are centralized festivals that are celebrated by a few hundred people only. 

There are some festivals or events which are celebrated throughout the world by millions of people. One such celebration is Halloween- the festival of horror, suspense, thrill, and spookiness. This particular event is not only just celebrated by families at their homes but also in clubs, discos, high schools, and other public places. In fact, in several countries, the tradition is so unique that the streets and alleys are also decorated with unique Halloween decors to make the event more realistic, refreshing, and memorable. 

A brief look into Halloween's history 

Before we get to the main highlights of our discussion, we would like to discuss a little about Halloween's history and how the celebrations started. Unfortunately, there are no recorded shreds of evidence that would state that Halloween started from a specific community or about the time. You will also hear several folklores regarding this positive culture which varies from one place to the other. 

However, the most believable legend, considered the origin history of Halloween, states that the celebration first began in the Celtic culture where people used to light up large bonfires in the middle and dance around the fire to celebrate their victory over the evil power. They believed that all evil spirits having bad intentions come to Earth on this particular day, and if they are not removed, then life will become extinct on the planet. 

That's why they dressed up like evils and decorated their places with bones, skulls, and other such items to ward off the spirits. After that, the culture became so popular, and even after centuries, people still celebrate it and consider it a day full of fun, reunions, thrill, and excitement. 

Best outdoor Halloween décor ideas 

Since you are now aware of Halloween history and its origin, we would like to introduce you to some of the best décor ideas, which have become popular and traditional worldwide. 

  1. Pumpkins with carved horror face and a light bulk or LED strips inside them are placed on the floor or hung from walls. 
  2. Smaller skeletons are hung from the world while the larger ones are fixed to the ground or kept against a wall for support. 
  3. Monstrous creatures are also used like vampires, zombies, and others to increase the spookiness of the event.
  4. Halloween unique artificial candles are also used to decorate the areas and heighten the scary feeling of the party. 

Even though all these décor items have been in use for years, it's time that you abandon them and try out some of the newest ideas to help you create a unique and unforgettable Halloween party for people of all ages. One such décor item that you can use is the inflatable. This particular item is one of the best Halloween decorations that you can get on the market. In addition, they are becoming quite popular in different communities worldwide, which is why those décor elements are the stars of our discussion. 

You can understand from the name itself that these décor items are usually available in collapsed form, which you will have to inflate using an air pump. You can either use a hand-based air pump or an electric one at your convenience. Once enough air is present inside the inflatables, they will take the original 3D shape, and you can then use them either by fixing them to the ground or hanging the smaller ones from above. 

Choose the best inflatables for an outdoor Halloween party.

When you are given the duty to pick out the best Halloween inflatables, you need to ensure that the products will be ideal with your outdoor party arrangement theme. If this is not the case, your entire décor will be destroyed along with the exhilaration and fun of the festival. So, be very sure about the type of inflatables you would like to have. Some of the most common Halloween inflatables you can find in the market are: 

1. Human skeletons

2. Pumpkin faces

3. Bloody palms 

4. Monster creatures

5. Zombies

6. Walking green monsters

7. Spiders

8. Scary joker 

Can the Halloween inflatables withstand rain? 

Usually, the regular inflatables that you can see being used in the pools can withstand rain with ease. But the Halloween inflatables are pretty giant, and that's why you need to check certain factors before deciding whether your chosen product can withstand rain or not. In the following section, we have discussed those factors that you need to consider for picking out the Halloween inflatables which can withstand the rain without getting damaged and causing your money to go down the drain. 


The first thing you need to look into is the material with which the inflatables are manufactured. Usually, these elements are made from PVC or rubber-based polymers. However, suppose you need to get some inflatables that can easily withstand the rain. In that case, you need to choose products made from thick material that can easily hold the inflated structure during rain, even if it's a heavy shower. 


If the inflatable has lighting integrated into it and needs to be connected with an electric circuit, it's better not to use such elements as they can cause serious accidents. Water is a good conductor of electricity, and hence you cannot risk your safety or that of others with glowing inflatables in the Halloween outdoor party. 


You also need to think about the size of these inflatables as a wrong size choice will destroy your decoration and might create problems in removing them at the moment rain starts. Hence, it's best to use the smaller and medium-sized inflatables, which can be easily removed and accommodated in the patio shed or the front porch area until the rain subsides. 

Waterproof feature 

If your area receives occasional rainfall during Halloween, you should choose an inflatable made from waterproof material or at least has a waterproof coating on the surface. This will reduce the extent of damage that rain can cause to these décor items. You can ask the manufacturer about inflatables having such features and then choose the ideal ones. 

Tips to prevent rain from damaging your outdoor Halloween party décor 

Yes, we understand that most inflatable outdoor Halloween decorations are made from waterproof elements. But what about the other decors? Or what if it rains non-stop for hours with heavy showers and thunder? 

Don't you think you should have a backup plan to protect these inflatables and other types of Halloween décor you used to arrange the party? 

Obviously, yes, and that's why we have given you some ideas by which you can prevent the rain from damaging or destroying the entire Halloween party décor, including the inflatables. 

  1. You can use waterproof awnings to help you protect the furniture items, decors, and other items you have added to the outdoor Halloween party. These awnings will not protect the party from getting postponed but also increase the charm and beauty of the area. You can even paint the awnings with scary faces or hang small inflatable skeletons from the top to increase the spookiness of the area. 
  2. If you have a large backyard patio, keeping the decorations under the shed would be best. Even if you aren't keeping the decors in the lawn or correct under the sky, they will still be outside your house, at least. 
  3. You can install tents around the Halloween inflatables and other arrangements to keep them and yourself safe from the rain. Just make sure that the tents are made from thick and waterproof material. 
  4. Another fantastic trick to save the inflatables from the onslaught of heavy downpour is by placing them under a temporary pavilion which you can rent from any store. These pavilions will help you arrange the party perfectly since these seeds are pretty large and will cover the maximum area. 


In the above article, we have mentioned everything you need to know about the Halloween inflatables and how you can use them to arrange an outdoor party with the best looks. However, since the weather is unpredictable, arranging outdoor events can be problematic, especially when talking about inflatables. That's why we even gave you some tips to protect those Halloween décor items and enjoy your party without allowing the rain to interrupt your plans. 

If you want to buy the best outdoor Halloween inflatables, you should try out the décor items present at Celehey. This online store is famous for its wonderful Halloween décor collection and the standard price rate it offers. You should certainly check out their products and get the most suitable inflatable, which will add more glam and shine to your outdoor Halloween party. After all, the scarier the décor will be, the more will be the thrill and excitement level of the event. On top of that, these inflatables can be used for decorating the lawn outside a house, the high school auditorium, the open streets, and even the rooftop open clubs. 

So, please do not delay and get started with your Halloween decorations using the inflatables because you have a lot on your plate as we are talking about an outdoor party.

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