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How To Keep Halloween Inflatables From Being Popped?

How To Keep Halloween Inflatables From Being Popped?

October 31st every year is celebrated as Halloween day across the globe, just a day before All Saints day. It is an age-old tradition of celebrating the day to drive the ghosts away as per the traditions followed in the eighteenth century. However, with time the ritual had turned into a festival. These days, people do Halloween decorations in their houses, wear weird clothes, eat blood-colored or dark-colored foods, and visit the places of friends and neighbors to enjoy the occasion. 

While the children like the tricks and treats, many households decorate their homes, lobby gardens, and patios with Halloween inflatables.  One can get or make various inflatables like the pumpkin head reaper, black trees illuminated by LEDs, giant skeletons, and many more. The basic concept is to make inflatable items that can give a sense of fear or uncanny situation, which is the basic theme of the festival.

Bit Details Of The Halloween Inflatables

Various types of items or figures are used for Halloween decorations. They are used inside the house or outdoors. One of the most popular outdoor Halloween decorations includes using inflatables. These are mysterious figures made from rubber, polymers, and plastics in which air is pumped to inflate them and give the required shape as per the design. They are like giant inflated balloons of different forms. These items are easy to carry and store and extremely lightweight. People use them more now than in earlier days as they are one of the quickest and attractive means of decorations. In addition, they are less expensive than other decorative items, and one can inflate them quickly after purchasing from any online or offline festival décor store.

Arranging The Inflatable’s For Halloween 

One can get the inflatables for Halloween in various shapes and sizes. Decorating the outdoors with the walking monsters, bloodied hands, spiders, black illuminated trees, ghosted pumpkins, or skeletons makes the place mystic. The primary focus is to create an eerie atmosphere on October 31st so that the ritual traditions can be followed enjoyably.

However, one of the significant challenges of decorating the outdoors with inflatables is to keep them in place. Since they are filled with air and extremely lightweight, they tend to pop up, making a mess of the decorations. Furthermore, if it is windy, the challenges of keeping them away from being blown away are tough unless they are appropriately secured. Let us discuss how one can control the outdoor Halloween decorations from blowing away or popping up

Stop The Inflatables From Popping Up

Many times, it may have been that you had decorated your garden or the outdoor areas with Halloween inflatables. You may have run behind them to reposition or to collect them as they had popped up from their location, or the wind had blown them to some unwanted area. It is, therefore, best to follow some techniques to keep the inflatables used during Halloween at the right place without taking any professional help or spending your time and energy chasing the items. 

  • Use gravel and sandbags – One of the best solutions to the popping-up problem is using gravel and sandbags. They are ideal for holding lightweight inflatables to your desired outdoor locations. Take two or three bags and fill them with sand and gravel. Do not overfill them, but make sure that they can fit inside the access hole of the inflatables. Make sure that the bags are weighty enough to hold the inflatables at their location. After filling the bags with sand and gravel, tie their openings not to pour out the materials. Carefully insert the bags inside the inflatables through the access hole and settle them on the bottom. Make sure that there are no sharp edges as they can puncture the decorative pieces. Spread the bags evenly on the base so that the inflatable can stay in the desired posture and position. 
  • Select the right location – One of the crucial considerations for placing the inflatables is the location. One may think that they can be placed anywhere in the outdoors. Of course, they can be placed anywhere, but haphazardly placing them will drain out your energy as they pop out or blow away due to wind. Therefore selecting the right location is of utmost importance. Select a flat ground in your garden or driveway. Make sure that the areas where you place these decorative materials do not directly fall on the passage of the wind. It is best to place them around the clusters of trees and bushes, and hedges in your outdoor space so that they somewhat block the wind. Placing them near the boundary walls is another option. Gusty winds are blocked or lose the severity with the natural barriers and keep the items in place firmly. 
  • Using garden stakes – These days, the majority of the inflatables sold for outdoor decoration during Halloween have holes for garden stakes along with a flat base. One of the best solutions for preventing the inflatables from popping up or being blown away is to use garden stakes. Take few garden stakes and drive them to the ground as far as possible through the holes of the items. If you have the inflatables without a hole, tie a thin rope around the base, make a loop, and push the stakes through the loop to anchor them on the ground. Never tie the thin rope too tight else; the inflatable might lean backward. Garden stakes are readily available online and offline in various shapes and sizes. They also serve as extra decorative items, making your place look more attractive and mystic. 
  • Tying with twine – If you want o have a simple solution, it is best to use some twine. Take some length of twine, wrap it around the inflatable at around mid-height and tie the ends to some poles, fences, or pillars in your outdoor. You can also fasten the ends to some hooks attached to the walls. You can also use garden stakes to tie the ends of the twines with them. Alternatively, you can use two or three garden stakes, dig them deep around the inflatables meant for Halloween, and use some strings to circumference the items around the stakes. Care should be taken while tying the twines, as tying too tightly can damage the Halloween decorations meant for the outdoors. Make sure to complete one entire loop to secure the inflatables suitably. 
  • Using small outdoor inflatables – Although most people like to decorate their outdoor space with giant inflatables to celebrate Halloween day, it is best to use multiple small inflatables in place of a few big ones. One should not forget that giant inflatables have more surface area, and thus wind hits hard on them and pops them out. One can avoid the majority of the problems using smaller inflatables. Although the decorative taste varies from person to person, decorating with multiple inflatables on Halloween can make even a dull place look attractive. Some small inflatables with LED lights, others with fluorescent and reflective colors can make the outdoors more interesting. Small ones do not easily pop up due to their sizes and having the center of gravity near the base. However, t0 be extra safe, one can use few strands of twine to secure them firmly. 
  • Using metal chains and locks- Although it might seem like blasting a beehive with the cannonball, one of the best methods of keeping your inflatable Halloween decorations on the ground is to use metal chains with locks. Pass the chain through the light socket or any other fastening holes on the inflatable and lock it with a fence, hook, or permanent garden stake anchored deep inside the ground. If your inflatable is vast in size, use the sand and gravel bags for a better anchorage. You can reap more benefits using the chain locks. Though Halloween is celebrated to drive the ghosts away as per traditional belief, you can also drive the human teen ghosts away from stealing your Halloween Inflatable decorations to have fun and have a great from you. It is time to use the chain and lock and go for a vacation during the Halloween holiday without worrying about the items in the outdoor being stolen.  

In Conclusion 

Using inflatable outdoor decoration items during Halloween is one of the best ways to celebrate the occasion. It is time to play the tricks and enjoy receiving or giving the treats to friends, neighbors, or relatives and have some beautiful moments. However, one should see that the efforts while decorating the outdoors do not get wasted due to the absence of proper anchorage or fasteners. Inflatables are extraordinarily lightweight and tend to pop up from their place or blow away to other locations when the wind is gusty. 

Again, using proper fastening and anchorage can keep them in the desired posture; otherwise, they can twist and turn due to the wind pressure. So, come the next Halloween day, and you can follow any of the above methods to avoid popping up issues of your Halloween inflatables. With simple items like sand, gravel, twines, ropes, chain, and locks, one can easily solve the problems with your decorative outdoor pieces. So, drive away from the ghosts on the last day of October, carrying forward the age-old traditions and cultures or the rituals. Celebrations are knocking at the corners, and you should make full preparations to enjoy the most with friends, relatives, and other guests. Follow the tips of outdoor decorations as above and feel the difference.

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