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How To Make Halloween Inflatables?

How To Make Halloween Inflatables?

CeleHey TeamOne of the most amazing and fun-filled events celebrated all across the world is Halloween. Starting from dressing up in different scary or spooky characters like pirates, vampires, witches, and others to decorating a party with all scary elements, this festival is something that every single person waits for every year. Even though Halloween is celebrated across the world, the ways of celebrating differ from one country to the other. For example, in the US, children go on a spree of Trick or Treats while in several European countries, streets and public areas are decorated with Halloween special items just like Christmas. 

In several events, even the foods are prepared in a way that they can give off scary and spooky vibes like clouded Bloody Mary cocktails, eyeball-shaped egg guacamole treats, cookies designed with ghost faces, and so on. If you look around into different Halloween party arrangements, you will see how unique their decors and foods are, which actually enhance the thrill of the event. 

Having said that, today, we will teach you how to prepare a particular Halloween-themed décor item without taking help from experts or buying them straightway from any store. However, before we move to the main discussion, we would like to introduce you to some of the major décor elements that are used in almost every Halloween party, be it a private event or a public one. 

Categories of Halloween décor items 

There are several types of Halloween décor items that you can get in the market or make all by yourself. In this section, we will introduce those categories to you so that you can have an idea about how to arrange a party and what you should include for increasing the level of spookiness and horror. 

  1. Pumpkin ghost lanterns: In several places, using pumpkin for decorating the Halloween party has become a tradition. The entire pulp is scooped out of the vegetable and then, using sharp knives or mold cutters, hollow designs are made on the walls. Usually, different kinds of ghost faces are made. Once done, a lamp is placed inside or LED strips to illuminate the pumpkin lanterns. 
  2. Horror candles: A Halloween party is never complete with enough candles placed here and there. These are basically used for decorating the indoors in a private Halloween party. Rather than buying these candles from the market, you can buy wax pebbles and make your own Halloween special candles like blood dripping candles, Witch candles, and so on. 
  3. Inflatables: These are the newest form of Halloween decorations which you can find on several online sites. These Inflatables are shaped in different forms and once you pump air inside them, they will take their actual shape and add more horror elements to your party. The best part of using these Inflatables is that you can place them both indoors and outdoors. 
  4. Floral arrangements: No party is ever complete without flowers. However, the main question is what kind of flowers you should have, which will match the eeriness of the Halloween party. Usually, people include large and dark-colored flowers which will represent the theme of the event perfectly. 
  5. Bat-covered wreaths: These circular wreaths are usually made from broken twigs and branches of the trees and joined to a circular rim to maintain a rusty look. On top of everything, small plastic bats are attached to the twigs to give it a scary look. You can even add small plants on both sides of the entrance but without any leaf or flower. 

Halloween Inflatables: A Brief Description 

As now you are aware of the different kinds of décor items that are used for the Halloween party, it’s time to move onto our main topic of discussion- the inflatable decors. These are usually made from thick polymer or rubber and have different shapes, with or without colors painted on the outer surface. When you pump air inside these Inflatables, they will swell up and increase in size until they are fully filled with air. Once they are inflated, you will be able to see the actual décor. 

To be honest, nowadays, people are actually using these Halloween Inflatables as compared to any other décor item for their parties. Not only these are light and portable but also, they are available in wide varieties in many stores which will help you to arrange a unique Halloween party with all the elements that will make it thrilling and exciting for your guests.  

Different Types of Halloween Inflatables 

One of the best parts of these Halloween decorations is that they are available in different forms which eliminates the need of buying any extra décor and spending too much money on them. Before we talk about making the inflatables all by yourself, why don’t we take a look at the popular inflatable designs so that you can have an idea about them and formulate your own design plan accordingly? 

In the below section, we have given examples of some of the most commonly used Halloween inflatables that you can easily make on your own without having to endure the hassles of buying them from online stores. 

Ghosted pumpkin inflatables 

These inflatables are the most popular for any Halloween décor and that’s why you can find them in almost any store. Moreover, you can easily make them on your own by customizing the designs as per the décor theme. One of the best things about the pumpkin inflatables is that they come in various sizes and hence, you can decorate both the indoor and outdoor of your house.


Nothing can be scarier than a skeleton standing right behind you. Basically, there are two different types of skeleton inflatable that you will find in the market- a transparent skeleton having only the bones and other parts painted on the surface and a full black-bodied skeleton with the bones painted in white. You can even buy the ones that come with glowing eyes as LED lights will be fitted behind the sockets. 

Bloodied hands 

If you are looking for a table decoration, you can try out the special Halloween bloodied hands. They usually come in the shape of palms or the entire arm with red-colored veins being painted on them. Leaving them on the table with a bowl of dry ice and red color can definitely make the environment eerie and spooky. 


It wasn’t only the character of Ronald Weasley who is scared of spiders. In fact, you will find a lot of adults who will screech the moment they will see spiders kept around them on the party ground. So, yes, if you are trying to scare someone truly, using the spider Halloween decorations will definitely help you out. 

Walking monsters 

Lastly, another type of Halloween inflatable which has become quite popular in recent days is the walking monster. Be it a green monster having a thick layer of white smoke around his feet or the blacking monster leaning against the entrance of your home. 

Tips to make the best Halloween inflatables

As you have an idea about the different kinds of Halloween inflatables that you can add to your party, it’s time to learn a little about making these inflatables all on your own. In this article, we have discussed some of the ways in which you can create your own customized inflatable without any hassle. 

  1. First of all, you need to gather a transparent and simplistic inflatable from the market. These inflatables are available in any shop so that you won’t have to look for specific stores where only Halloween objects are sold. 
  2. Once done, you need to buy some paints which will be suitable for the inflatable material. Usually, these inflatables are made from rubber or thick polymers. So acrylic paints or matte powder paints will be the best. 
  3. Cover the entire inflatable with a base white color so that when you will paint the surface, the bright color can be displayed. In addition, make sure that the white-coated paint is dried properly before you start painting the designs. 
  4. It will be best if you inflate the entire thing with an air pump to its full capacity and then paint your designs on it. This will help you to draw 3D figures without any hassle. 
  5. After each paint coating, let it dry. You can use hot air but make sure the blower is placed at a large distance and also, the air’s temperature is not too high. If the temperature is high, it will cause the inflatable material to shrink. 

Outdoor VS indoor Halloween inflatables 

The inflatables can be categorized into two groups- outdoor and indoor inflatables. If you are preparing the décor items for an indoor party, you don’ have to use any special color. But in case you are using them for outdoor Halloween decorations, make sure to use a waterproof transparent coating so that in case it rains, the water won’t wash off the colors from the outer surface. 


In the above article, we have clarified every single detail that you need to know about making the Halloween inflatables all by yourself. Even though it’s quite fun to make those décors all by yourself and customize the designs according to the party theme, we would suggest buying an already prepared inflatable and then make designs and additional structures on them.

There are several types of stores where you can have these Halloween special inflatable décor items. However, recently, Celehey has become one of the most preferred stores from where you can get highly durable and tough inflatable in many forms. Not only do they offer a wide collection of these décor items but also they are durable and can withstand harsh weather in case you are planning for an outdoor Halloween party.

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