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How To Set Up Inflatable Halloween Decorations?

How To Set Up Inflatable Halloween Decorations?

Just like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween is quite famous all over the world. The festival is celebrated almost in all countries, especially in the West. Its thrill and excitement are unparalleled and can't be replaced with anything else. Whether making scary faces out of pumpkin or knocking door to door for trick or treat, Halloween is full of fun. The best part of this festival is that anyone can celebrate it, starting from kids to elderlies. 

History of Halloween

The history of Halloween is quite fascinating as it is related to the ancient Celtic tales. It is believed that the tradition first started when Celtic people used to light up a bonfire and dress up as ghosts to ward off evil. Later on, the culture was adopted by several communities, which popularized the event. Every year, towards the end of Fall, Halloween is celebrated. In Canada, it's one of the most important events, and the country enjoys a public holiday. 

What are the fun elements of Halloween? 

Spookiness, thrill, uncertain scariness, and mock horror are the four main elements of Halloween. However, you need to use the correct décor items and prepare special but unique Halloween dresses to implement these elements. Be it the pumpkin lantern or the different colored cocktails with white fumes looking over the glasses, and there are several ways in which a Halloween party can be made more interesting, spooky, and scary. 

However, using the Halloween inflatables to decorate both the indoors and outdoors of the house is one of the best ideas to help you set the right mood. 

What are Halloween Inflatables

Have you ever used inflatables during swimming or decorating your lawns? 

If not, then having Halloween inflatables as décor elements might sound to be weird and absurd. But believe us when we say that these inflatables are designed in the perfect way that will help you set the right mood for your planned Halloween party. 

They are usually made from a rigid polymer material having different colors and designs that perfectly resemble the Halloween décor. For example, the ghosted inflatable balloons having a transparent body with a ghost face painted on the surface will be a fantastic addition to your garden party décor.  

All you need to do is choose the best products and learn how to set up the inflatables. Once you are done with these two steps, your Halloween party will be the best in the community. 

How to choose the best Halloween Inflatables

Choosing the best inflatables for your Halloween décor is not an easy task. There are several chances of making errors if you do not know how to choose the best inflatable decors. That's why to bring you out of this predicament, here we have discussed some of how you can choose the best Halloween inflatables without making a single error. 

  • First, pinpoint the locations for setting the inflatables. 

Your first task will pinpoint the locations where you want to install or set up the Halloween inflatables. Let's say you want to hang the decors from a ceiling or a separate stand. For such an arrangement, you will need inflatables that can be hung from the top. Similarly, if you want to decorate the furniture units, you will need the inflatables, perfect for your plan. 

  • Choose the properly sized décor items. 

The next thing you need to consider is the size of the décor items. If you have decided to set up the inflatables is small, you cannot use the more giant inflatables like the tall inflatable ghost or large ghostly faces. Similarly, when decorating the larger areas, rather than using small inflatables, it's best to choose a bigger size. This is because, with the more giant inflatables, you can fill up the space with one or two décor elements. But if we consider the more minor elements, you will have to use many inflatables. 

  • Make sure to check the material. 

It is essential to check the material of the inflatables before buying them. First of all, you need to check what kind of polymer is used to manufacture the inflatables. It should be highly durable to withstand the inflation and deflation process with our forming cracks or tears. Another thing you need to check is whether there are any joins or not in the inflatable. If no joint is present, the chances of air leakage will be less. However, if joints are there, make sure they are airtight and leakage-free. In addition, you need to check the cap or closure element with which you needed to seal off the inflatables. Make sure that the closure is tight and fits the mouth perfectly without leaving any open space. 

  • Consider the colors of the inflatables. 

Next, you need to worry about the colors of the inflatables. The chrome shades should be matching with the background color of your Halloween theme. For example, let's say you have planned a red, black, and yellow theme for the Halloween decoration. So, it would help if you chose the inflatables with these colors or at least the ones that will perfectly complement your party décor. Choosing the wrong color will demean the beauty of the party theme, and your entire idea of creating a spooky ambiance will go down the drain. 

Do not forget to check the design and patterns on the inflatables.

It would help if you also considered the designs and patterns made on the inflatables. They should be funny but scary at the same time to help you create an ambiance of intrigue, excitement, spookiness, and thrill. So, double-check the designs to ensure that you are not getting any repeated décor items, which will render the product useless and waste your money. 

Consider the price before selecting the decors. 

Lastly, you news to consider the price of the Halloween decorations. The price of the inflatables depends on a variety of factors. For example, more giant inflatables are costlier as compared to smaller ones. Similarly, if you choose a printed inflatable, you need to pay more than the transparent ones. 

How to set up a Halloween inflatable for the right mood? 

Once you have bought the best indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations, you need to understand how to set them up with precision and accuracy. For doing so, you need to be very careful about handling the pump and the inflatable item so that no accident can happen. 

Do not worry much if you are new to this platform and don't have a single idea about setting up the Halloween inflatable. This section will describe the entire process for inflating the décor items and setting them up in the outdoor or indoor areas of your house. 

  1. First of all, you will need a pump that will push air into the inflatable décor for Halloween. You can rent the pump because buying one only for Halloween is a terrible idea.
  2. Once you have the pump, connect it to the power source if you have rented an electric air pump. If you have pets or children running around, it's best to avoid these pumping devices and choose the handheld pumps. 
  3. Lay down the inflatable décor on the floor or the lawn grass in a proper way. Make sure that the surface is smooth and flat to avoid damage to the inflatable items. 
  4. Connect one end of the pump pipe to the machine and the other end to the mouth of the Halloween inflatable. 
  5. Switch on the pump and watch the inflatable swell up in size as more and more air will be pumped inside the décor item. You need to pay close attention to the inflation process because if it becomes excessive, the décor will burst open due to excess pressure on the internal walls of the Halloween inflatable. 
  6. Once done, close the object's mouth as soon as you take out the pipe from the inflatable. Make sure that the mouth is closed tightly so that no air leakage is there. 
  7. After you are particular about it, you need to tie the inflatable to the ground to keep it steady. If you want to hang them, make sure to create a pole or use wall hooks from which you can easily hang the element. 
  8. You should set up the inflatables first because then you will have an idea about the space you have to place other accessories. Make sure to keep fire out of the way because most inflatables are made from a combustible polymer which will further increase the risk of accidents or mishaps in your Halloween party, which you don't want.


Now that you know how you set up the inflatables for Halloween, it's time to get them from the market and start with the planning session. There are several stores from where you can buy these décor items. But Celehey has topped in this field in the entire Canadian land. 

The collection of Halloween inflatables that you can find in Celehey is fantastic, and it will make the décor look intriguing and spooky. Starting from wall handling inflatables to the freestanding ones, there are several products you can find at this store. However, you need to choose the best products to avoid having to suffer later with wrong choices. For this reason, we have also discussed a brief buying guide that will help you choose the fantastic inflatable Halloween decorations without any hassle.

Product: CeleHey Halloween Inflatable White Ghost

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