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If You Are Tired Of Parties, Here Is The Way You Can Spend Your Halloween Movie Night

If You Are Tired Of Parties, Here Is The Way You Can Spend Your Halloween Movie Night

Every year on 31st October, Halloween day is celebrated in many parts of the world. The day that began centuries ago to remember the dead people have now turned into a festival. People today celebrate the day by decorating their homes and gardens with mysterious lights and inflatables. Apart from the decorations, they invite friends and relatives over dinner or visit their places, try to make pranks with each other, wear weird ghostly costumes, and many more. It is celebrated with much funfair. Not all are party guys & gals, and they want to spend the night with some privacy, having their loved ones by their side. However, many people like to spend the night at their homes watching horror and other movies with family members cuddling under the Halloween throw blanket. They like to spend some fantastic moments in total privacy with their closest family members.


Lighting up the fireplace and watching their favorite movies with their loved ones staying under the horror blanket, and enjoying the night can change the atmosphere entirely and the enjoyment to the brim. There are different types of blankets in the market for Halloween night, and they are perfect to create the desired atmosphere. Many couples, kids, and other family members dedicate their attention to each other, watching movies on the night staying under the blanket to make the moments memorable. It is time to throw some light on the Halloween throw blankets so that one can enjoy the chilly night comfortably while watching the movies.


More Details About Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are a bit smaller than the traditional blanket. The purpose of the throw blanket is to spend some laid-back time covering the body to beat the chill sitting on the couch, chair, and sofa or at the corner of the bed. They are available in different materials and can measure anything between 30 inches x 40 inches to 60 inches to 80 inches. It helps to warm up the body, particularly the legs and the arms, to feel comfortable and enjoy doing other activities in a relaxed position. If it is Halloween night, then some particular designs for creating the perfect ambiance can heighten up the spirits to a great extent. Watching your favorite movies staying warm under these blankets with the loved ones cuddling by the side can be a memory to cherish. 

As we are talking of spending the Halloween night differently at home watching the movies, the throw blanket should have various prints on them so that you can enhance the enjoyment to the maximum.  


Many manufacturers are making and selling the Halloween throw blanket online, and you have a wide range to select the best. However, before selecting the best throw blanket for Halloween night, you should ponder some of the features to get the best experience.


Best Horror movies to watch on Halloween night

Below we have mentioned the ten best horror movies that you should consider while deciding to choose one for your Halloween night:


His House

His House is a horror movie that can bring chills to the spine. The movie centers on a couple from the South of Sudan, escaping their war-ridden country and taking refuge in England. However, bad luck looms around them as many supernatural variations threaten them. On the one hand, they struggle to cope with their fate, and on the other hand, they have to fight with the witch. But, ultimately, they overcome the struggles and begin a new life. The film has won many awards, including the British Independent Film Awards of 2021 for Best Effects and Production Design.


The Fog

It is difficult to ignore this film during Halloween with all spices of nerve socks, excitement, and festivity. The movie's soundtrack is superb, with special effects to enhance the horror moments, particularly during the ghost scenes with the fog mystically covering the town accompanied by pirate ghosts. It is a box-office hit movie produced in 1980 and written and directed by John Carpenter. The Fog is an all-time favorite horror movie. In 2005, Rupert Wainwright remade it though the original version is more horrific to watch on the Halloween night lighting up the fireplace.


Drag Me To Hell

This 2009 supernatural story made in the United States of America is between a young loan officer and an older woman. The officer makes a hard decision and refuses the extension of the loan mortgage of the old lady. However, the woman curses the officer with lasting damage to her soul in hell. Christine, the loan officer, has to take the help of a psychic to get rid of the curse but has to pay a heavy price. The movie is worth watching on Halloween night and getting cold shivers even under a throw blanket. 


The Descent

How about being in the circle of humanoid, flesh-eating monsters? Well, it happened so with the six ladies in The Descent while exploring some of the unmapped areas and caves of North Carolina. The movie starts with a fun trek and mountain vacation for the women but turns different when they see unnatural cave paintings and then realize flesh-eating predators surround them. One will even forget to blink, thinking to miss any scene. The movie is one of the best hits of all time, and weak-hearted persons should avoid watching it as it is horrific. 


Return of the Living Dead

When some medical employees working in the warehouse accidentally release toxic gases from a nearby cemetery, the dead get their life back and searches for eating human brains. It is one of the best zombie movies to make you excited and nervous on Halloween night. The creatures think of outlandish ways to satisfy their hunger. The zombies even run and speak in a weird voice in this film. The soundtrack of the movie is excellent and makes you feel like participating in it. The special effects can give you cold shivers. 



Halloween nights are all about ghosts and witches. If you are for high violence by the witches, you cannot miss watching Suspiria and feel the thrill creating an eerie atmosphere at your home. A lady ballet dancer becomes a lead role in a famous ballet group replacing the existing one. The sacked dancer blames the director for witchcraft, and then one of the team members, also a psychotherapist, finds out unnatural secrets of the dark world under the chambers of the dance studio. Each plot of the movie is full of suspense clubbed with those horrific sounds and special effects. Get glued to your seat till the end of Halloween night and feel the difference in the home ambiance.  



Life After Beth

If you are spending Halloween night with your loved ones by your side, this movie is a mix of love and zombie horrors. Zack, the boyfriend, finds out that his girlfriend has come out from death and is overjoyed. However, Beth transforms into a zombie after some time and does strange things like throwing windows and other tantrums. Zack finds that the entire town has turned to a zombie land eating human flesh and blood. Zack has found a new love, and life returns o normal after power is restored in the town. 


Eyes Without a Face

The story revolves around a surgeon who kidnaps beautiful girls to replace his daughters missing head through transplantation. The doctor and his assistant accidentally disfigured her beautiful daughter's face and went ahead with grafting, kidnapping other girls in the town. Ultimately the police get some clues and knock on the doctor's doors. However, it is a movie of the 1960s but worth watching on Halloween night to have some spine-chilling moments. 


Trick 'R Treat

It is a sequel or five interwoven stories when three small-town residents meet goblins and ghosts on Halloween night. If you believe that the dead rises from their bed on Halloween night, then this movie is a must-watch. Horror things happen to start no sooner than the lantern is blown off. The movie is one of the best to watch with all family members cuddling together. One cannot leave until the last scene as the stories are so tightly packed with thrilling actions. 



Annie, the lead role, and her children notice many unnatural activities around their house after her mother's death. Annie finds an old photo album of her mother and a book on a demon king. Strange things happen in the house, and Annie commits suicide beheading her head with a piano string. She meets her headless mother and grandmother after death. This movie is an outright blockbuster and has won many accolades and prizes. It has received many nominations in various film festivals. Watch till the end to end your suspense. It is one of the best horror films to watch and enjoy Halloween night, but one needs to have a solid heart to watch some scenes, and kids should watch under parental supervision.




You can choose any one of the various beautiful designs of horror blankets and tapestry offered by Celehey to make your Halloween movie night more memorable.

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