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Is The Inflatables Worth Buying For Halloween

Is The Inflatables Worth Buying For Halloween

Halloween is the season of joy, with somewhat of an edge. The back and orange theme of this festival signifies harvest and death. People associate several unique decorations and songs with Halloween. Today, every household owns a piece of Halloween decorations. Some people opt for homemade items like carved pumpkins, cauldrons, broomsticks, clay figurines, and candles. Most busy people choose store-bought decorative items, due to which the market is full of Halloween inflatables and toys this season. Several businesses sell attractive decorations, but some of them are better than others. With new technology, brands have manufactured items from sustainable, energy-efficient materials. At Celehey, we produce all types of Halloween-themed ornaments to suit the needs of our customers. However, before discussing the high-quality products, let us talk about the relevance of Halloween and why it is beneficial for people.  


Why is Halloween good for us?

Halloween is even more significant in the context of pandemics and lockdowns. Think about the last time you socialized with your neighbors. When was the last time you felt like you belonged in a larger community of people? Perhaps, last year, likely during a festival, right? The point is that Halloween, after all, is a festival. Festivals help people come closer for the sake of having a good time. The only purpose of dressing up, making candy, and handing decorations is to make us and others feel good. 

Halloween creates that spooky yet delightful vibe that everyone needs in their mundane lives. Halloween is also among the few memento mori traditions that make the inevitable death feel somewhat approachable. Everyone is scared of death, but festivals like Halloween add a funny twist to it. Celebrating Halloween is a way of disregarding the fear of death and accepting life the way it is. Besides, Halloween also gives people a reason to make and eat candy. Nowadays, Halloween is a time to dress up in outrageous costumes, but it was not always so. Here is the whole evolution of Halloween. 


Evolution of Halloween

Halloween comes from the festival of Samhain, which was like a farewell party to the summer. It marked the end of the harvest season and welcomed the cold, harsh winters that were infamously associated with death. According to the Celtic people, the dead returned the night before Samhain, due to which they put out offerings of food. The Celts also felt the need to fit in with these ghosts, so they dressed as paranormal creatures. A common practice included putting on masks to avoid getting possessed. 

Welcome to the 8th century, where Samhain had turned into All Saints' Day. The day was also called The Hallows, so the day before was called Hallows Eve. Throughout the years, Hallows Eve turned into Halloween, the festival we all know and love today. The trick-or-treat traditions came from Souling and Guising. Poor people would beg for food in exchange for praying for the dead relatives of whoever helped them. It was called Souling. On the other hand, children would perform jokes and songs for candy, which was called Guising. Thus, Souling and Guising turned into trick-or-treating over the years. 

In the 19th century, the Irish immigrants made the holiday famous. They brought the St. Patrick's Day tradition and made Halloween more fun. Halloween had become the commercial, family-friendly holiday we know by the 1950s. In the beginning, Halloween decorations were traditional, like the ones described below. 


Traditional outdoor Halloween decorations

Jack-O-Lantern - The classic, evil grin carved into the pumpkin with lights in the middle was called the Jack-O-Lantern. Historically, farmers carved faces in pumpkins and turnips to ward off evil spirits. The folklore behind the lantern comes from the story of Jack, a mean-spirited trickster who once roamed the villages. One day, he pranked the devil instead of the villagers. It led to the two making a deal that Jack would never enter hell despite his nature. However, Jack could not enter Heaven, thus being forced to roam the earth eternally. The devil tossed him an ember and told him to burn in a turnip forever, thus creating the first Jack-O-Lantern. 

Skeletons - For the Celtic people, it was the house of the soul. They put them out as a symbol of mortality, soul, illness, and death. Think about it, after death, our bones are the only remaining part, making them an ideal reminder of the things people have lost. 

Ghosts - During Halloween, the boundaries between the living and the dead would become thin. Traditionally, the newly deceased would be mingling with the living during Halloween. The idea of seeing a ghost on Halloween was the least surprising part of the festival. People dressed as ghosts and hung decorations as a symbol of the dead and to make the atmosphere spooky. 

Witches/Black Cats/Cauldrons/Broomsticks - Halloween and witchcraft go hand in hand. Black cats were known as a gift from the devil or a sign of bad luck. Because of the patriarchal society, women who knew anything about herbal medicine were essentially evil witches. People would put out witchcraft-themed Halloween decorations to instill fear among people about these women. Over time, the craze over witchcraft died by Black Cats, Cauldrons and Broomsticks remained the permanent symbols of witches. 

Bats - The connection between bats and Halloween is simple. The Celtic people would perform bonfires and dance around it. It was a tradition to celebrate the bountiful harvest, thus making animal sacrifices during the process. The fire and dead animals attracted bugs, which attracted bats. Hence, people formed an association between Halloween and bats. However, the bats found a permanent spot in the Halloween traditions due to the Vampire scare of the 17th century. 

Over time, people modified Halloween decorations from traditional symbols to pop culture icons. In this all-about-fun festival, inflatable Halloween decorations have become famous. However, are they worth their price? 


Are Halloween inflatables worth the money?

The short answer is yes. Here are a few reasons. 

They look nice - The Halloween inflatables are bright, funny, and spooky. They come in all shapes and sizes and blend in well with other decorations. It is mesmerizing to watch these illuminated Halloween inflatables from afar. Every piece of decoration adds a unique charm to your house.

They are strong - The material of these outdoor Halloween decorations is bright and durable, making them withstand rain and snow. They require minimal space once deflated, thus making it easy to store and care for them. 

They are affordable - Thanks to the large-scale supply of these decorations, people can get these things for low prices. You could get a perfect representation of your favorite cartoon character at an affordable price. 

They are energy-efficient - The Halloween inflatable becomes eye-catching and bright once you switch on their lights. The best part is that these things require less light than a regular string of fairy lights. You can keep their lights switched on for as long as eight hours without any risk. 

They are low maintenance - You do not have to pay attention to several factors when caring for your Halloween Inflatables. They deflate automatically once unplugged. All you have to do is ensure that they are dry before storing them. They will not easily rip or tear, but you can easily sew them if that does happen. After Halloween, you can put them away until the next season without worrying. 

They are not just for Halloween - You can use these Halloween inflatable decorations for other occasions such as baby showers, house-warming parties, and Christmas. Any inflatable decoration that does not scream Halloween is ideal for different festivals. For example, inflatable stars, cartoon characters like minions, dragons, etc.

Many of them can withstand rain - You can choose a thick material that can tolerate rain and strong winds for your Halloween Inflatables. Some of them have a waterproof coating on them that prevents any damage from rain. These decorations are also easy to take down if you suspect rainfall. 

You can put them up at the last minute - These Halloween decorations will fill with air within minutes. So rest assured, if you have children coming over, your decorations will not take a long time. However, as an added measure, ensure to keep a decoration plan ready. 

They look chic - A few years ago, people began to think of outdoor Halloween decorations as tacky objects that cause pollution. Unfortunately, it was due to the cheap, non-recyclable materials several manufacturers used to maximize profit. However, an inflatable made with high-quality, thick material looks luminous and elegant. A proper material will also not rip or shred upon impact. 

Halloween Inflatables have taken over the market, and they are not going away anytime soon. In the above article, we have mentioned all the factors about Halloween inflatables. We have covered all the things that make these cute things worth the effort and money. With Celehey, you can buy eco-friendly Halloween inflatable decorations. It will allow you to celebrate Halloween without feeling guilty about harming the environment. 

Celehey has a whole range of these decorations, from traditional to modern. Jack-O-Lanterns, ghosts, characters, trees, and everything in-between is in this store. These decorative items are all you need to get that spooky ambiance this Halloween. 

The business started a few years ago, and Celehey has already satisfied more than 20,000 customers. They have all types of Halloween inflatables that will suit your budget. The company uses various materials that can resist rain. So hurry up and buy the pretty, inflatable decorations before you run out of time. Purchasing at the right time will allow you to have a blast on Halloween.

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