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How do you inflate your CELEHEY inflatable?

Under normal conditions, an inflatable should begin inflating once you plug it in

Otherwise, please check the following steps:

  1. Make sure your setup is on a level surface.
  2. Please plug in the power supply or extension cord directly.
  3. Check the input port to make sure it is not blocked by fabric or grass.
  4. All zippers must be fully closed for your inflatable toy to inflate correctly. Each piece may have multiple zippers. Check for hidden zippers at the seams.

Under what weather conditions can you operate the inflatable?

Please use it under normal and cold weather conditions, such as light rain or light snow. It is recommended. In severe or freezing weather conditions, please follow the following precautions:

Freezing temperature: The inflatable can operate at temperatures below freezing point. However, if the temperature is below 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 degrees Celsius), we do not recommend operating the product.

Harsh winds/storms: It is not recommended to use inflatable equipment in extreme weather conditions (such as high winds and storms) because your product may be damaged or submerged by moisture.

Snow/ice:   If your inflatable is covered with a thin layer of snow when it is deflated, simple reinflation should not damage the item. If the deflated item is affected by a large amount of ice and snow, do not try to re-inflate it. Instead, carefully remove the item from extreme conditions (i.e., bring it into the room) and allow it to thaw before refilling it. If you expect heavy snowfall, we do not recommend that you leave the inflatable device for several days or weeks at a time.

Heavy rainfall/melting snow: If your inflatable is soaked by water due to heavy rain or melting snow, and you have trouble inflating, please move the device to a dry place and plug it into a power source. The fan will blow dry the device. If there is much water, open the zipper closest to the wet area and drain the water.

Storage: Please do not store an inflatable while it is moisture. Please keep it dry before storing it.

How do you change the light bulb in your Celehey inflatable?

To replace the bulb, first, unplug the power plug and let it go. Next, unlock the bottom camera (or the bulb closest to the bulb) and find the bulb that needs to be replaced. Squeeze the lamp cover to the side to remove the lamp cover and replace the bulb.

Blow bulbs are light fixtures or C7 bulbs and can be found in hardware and lighting stores.

How can you repair your Celehey inflatable if it is torn?

You can sew the slits or holes on your inflatable by hand (no particular thread is needed) or stick it with transparent packaging tape. You can also use tent repair tape to repair your inflatable, which is available in most sporting goods stores. It's all right.

How can I clean my Celehey inflatable?

Wipe with a damp cloth and dry before storing. If necessary, use a mild detergent.

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